Facebook Marketing that gets Results

Don’t waste thousands of dollars and hours of your time guessing what will work.
We’ll build you a Facebook Marketing Machine that predictably and reliably converts new leads into customers for your business every day.

1. Drive More Traffic

2. Build Your Community

3. Boost Your Sales



You’ve heard stories about Facebook being a gold mine for leads but your advertising is just not working out as well as you hoped. Sure you have traffic, but people are visiting your website and then leaving. They are leaving without taking contacting you, without subscribing, and without buying.

You are confident there’s a way to fix this but until today there were limited options.

Option A – You hire someone that’s not a Facebook specialist and you end up with a “cookie cutter” solution that doesn’t work. This option risks both your time and a significant amount your money.

Option B – You do it yourself. You buy ebooks, do research, buy and learn the latest software tools, learn how to code… But this option doesn’t work either. Your time is valuable and, let’s face it, if knowing what to do was half the battle then you would not be reading this.

If only there was an alternative solution. A solution that was affordable, saved time, and got you on-going results starting today…

Introducing… The Amazing Lead Machine

We Build Facebook Marketing Systems Designed To Convert Your Visitors To Sales… Even If Facebook Has Not Worked For You In The Past.


First we drive ultra-targeted traffic to your business, then we create a high profits for the lifetime of your customer. From attraction, to engagement and sales, up-sell and retention, each step is optimised for outstanding results. Our team has developed automated marketing programs to convert your leads into customers and your sales into lifetime relationships.

Imagine how good it will be when you can focus your attention and energy on running your businesses while feeling confident that your Facebook Marketing is performing to its highest potential.


1. Analyse

In the first week after you sign-up, we will get to know your business goals and your ideal customer. That way we can use Facebook to find more just like them.

Our process begins with a short phone call with you. On the call we want to find out about your product or service so we can best understand how to sell it to your target market.

Next we identify your best buyers and create an audience profile. We want to know what motivates them, what are their problems and what keeps them up at night.

We will then product a detailed Funnel Analysis Report which will identify what’s working, what’s not, and a list of recommended actions to fix the issues and grow your business using Facebook Marketing.


2. Take Action

In the following 3 weeks, we will put in place the list of approved Facebook strategies.

This includes:

  • Building your Facebook Business Page so your have a professional brand presence.
  • Creating epic content your community loves.  We post this content to your Facebook page and blog.
  • Researching where to reach your best buyers and discovering what they want to know in order to buy from you.
  • Designing and managing new Facebook Advertising Campaigns.
  • Building website landing pages that convert your traffic into leads.
  • Creating a lead magnet, such as a PDF report, that builds goodwill and trust with your visitors.
  • Writing a email nurturing sequences that keep your leads engaged and convert them to sales.
  • Synching your CRM data with your Facebook audiences to automatically generate repeat sales for your business.

When complete, our Facebook experts will walk you through each of these steps so that you understand the sales funnel we have created for your business.


3. Get Results

Sit back, relax, and watch the results come in. We schedule a phone call and performance update every 2 weeks. When we see something working, we make recommendations that build on that success. When we see something that isn’t working, we see what we can learn and test out a new idea. We’ve designed our proactive process to help you see compounding growth over time.

I’m A Small Business Owner, What Can You Do For Me?

Facebook Advertising

Facebook Advertising allows you the fastest way to earn a positive ROI on your marketing dollars.


Web site visitors who are marketed to again with online ads are 70% more likely to convert on your Web site!


71% of people are more likely to purchase a product from a brand they follow online.

Sales Copy

Words that get cash, words that persuade and influence, words that engage your customers and keep them coming back. The “new” selling is educational… informational… rapport-based… and a million times more fun and effective.

Lead Capture

When a new prospect arrives on your website we offer them the “right bait” to collect their email address. The right bait can be a PDF, a video, a webinar… anything that gets their attention.


Our team have up to 16 years of digital marketing experience… we know what works now and we’ve learnt from what doesn’t!

How To Make Your Website Pull in 400%
More Customers Than Your Competition
Without Spending An Extra Cent

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  • Amazing Lead Machine was recommended to me by a business colleague, and after seeing their work for myself it was an easy decision to choose Amazing Lead Machine for my own company. I was immediately impressed with their creativity, professionalism and the ability to respond quickly to the needs of our company.

    Kim Edwards, Director – Sea English Academy

  • Amazing Lead Machine as well as understanding our business and developing solutions to suit our needs have proven to be a fantastic company to work with. They have delivered all milestones and critical deliverables on time and before the deadline, and were more than flexible on a few occasions. Their responses are prompt and they explain the complete process in detail.

    Declan Lenahan, CEO – Europharma Concepts Ltd


We need to explain something in advance. This is not set and forget Facebook advertising. There is serious work involved in researching your audience, writing sales pages, designing your landing pages, and creating your follow up email sequences. Not to mention fortnightly strategy calls, reporting and weekly management of your Facebook ads.

Therefore there’s no way we can sell a marketing system as good as this for less than $1620 per month. I know that’s a lot of money for some small business owners and I don’t  blame you if its more than you’re willing to pay. In truth probably the only people who will be willing to buy our “Amazing Lead Machine” are those 15% of businesses who are serious about fast business growth.

That’s the bad news. However the qood news is…

The Amazing Lead Machine Comes With
The Strongest Guarantee Ever Offered By
A Marketing Agency

Here’s the way it works: Go ahead and apply below. One of our team will be in contact with you within 24 hours. During our conversation, we’ll evaluate your business and work with you to create an immediately actionable plan to increase your sales and profits.

But guess what? Even though you’ll already be getting leads and making money…

You Will Not Be Charged For Our Facebook
Marketing Services For 30 Days!

There are no upfront fees and no contracts. We’re simply going to prove we can convert your Facebook traffic to sales. If after 30 days you’re not happy with the profit we have generated from your advertising just let us know and you will not be invoiced.

To get started you will need to invest a minimum of $750 per month in your Facebook advertising account.

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